hawaii smart health card app

A Hawaii SMART Health Card is an element found in the Hawaii Safe Travels Digital Platform, https://travel.hawaii.gov. The Hawaii SMART Health Card follows the organization suggested by the Vaccine Credential Initiative. This organization is likewise utilized by some different states, for example, California and some inoculation suppliers like CVS.

hawaii smart health card app
hawaii smart health card app

People who are completely inoculated and gotten immunization in Hawai’i can get a SMART Health Card to show foundations, like cafés, organizations and different settings, evidence of their immunization on their advanced gadget without conveying an actual antibody report.

People who got two shots of Pfizer or Moderna immunization or one portion of Johnson and Johnson in addition to 15 days after the last portion are qualified for the computerized card.

What do I have to get my HAWAII SMART Health Card?

You would have to have accepted your COVID-19 inoculation in Hawai’i and have been completely immunized (this implies two shots of Pfizer or Moderna immunization or one portion of Johnson and Johnson in addition to 15 days after the last portion).

Make a Safe Travels Hawaii account in travel.hawaii.gov

Inoculation Information –

Select the person who you are making Hawaii SMART Health Card for. In case they are not recorded on the dropdown, they ought to possibly be added to your profile in case they are a minor.

Select from the dropdown the sort of immunization controlled

Enter in your portion date(s)

Enter in your parcel number(s)

Sign the Authorization to Release and Disclose COVID Vaccination Information. Guardians/gatekeepers should finish paperwork for their minor. If it’s not too much trouble, note that the Name of the Provider and Location where inoculation was regulated are both required field and should be finished for the “Submit” button to lock in.

In the event that marking for another person, the name of the singular marking and the one of the checkboxes (either Parent or Guardian or Attorney-in-Fact) should be chosen.

Imagine a scenario in which my immunization card doesn’t have all the appropriate data.

You might get back to your supplier to acquire the data expected to make a Hawaii SMART Health Card.

People can generally show the business or foundation a substitute verification of inoculation:

Printed copy, unique or photograph on an advanced gadget of immunization report.

The individuals who went to suppliers, for example, CVS, Kaiser can recover a SMART Health Card by signing into onto their supplier’s site.

On the off chance that your card was harmed, lost or taken, get familiar with the Process to Request a Replacement Vaccination Card

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