Covid: one in 50 reviews to be infected in England, data shows

Based on results from random swabbing, ONS says 1.1 million people in country have virus

A report released on Thursday by the UK Health Security Agency revealed other signs that England was experiencing a new wave of Covid, with hospital admission rates in the southwest showing a 250% increase since mid-September.

Dr. Susan Hopkins, the chief medical adviser at the UKHSA, urged people to take individual action to curb the spread of Covid – including wearing face coverings.

“This week’s data shows concerning further increases in Covid-19 cases and hospitalization rates, which are now at their highest level in months. Outbreaks in hospitals and care homes are also on the rise,” she said.

“Make sure you have any Covid-19 vaccinations you are eligible for and avoid contact with others if you feel unwell or have symptoms of a respiratory infection.

“If you are unwell, it is particularly important to avoid contact with elderly people or those who are more likely to have the severe disease because of their ongoing health conditions.

“If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, wearing a face covering will also help stop infections spreading.”

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